Google Women of Publishing Leadership, Class of 2021: "I Am Remarkable," Ignore Your Inner Critic & Leverage Your Privilege by Elisa Schmitz

Google Women of Publishing Leadership, Class of 2021: "I Am Remarkable," Ignore Your Inner Critic & Leverage Your Privilege

Thank you, Google, for including me in your Women of Publishing Leadership, Class of 2021! Proud to be one of 782 women from 80 countries selected for this amazing program designed to foster community in the publishing industry, provide access to monetization resources and enable the growth of women-led businesses.

The program was developed three years ago to address the disparities for women in the workplace and at home. According to Google, women are operating in environments where there are few females in leadership positions. In fact, according to a McKinsey & Company study, women hold just 38 percent of management positions, with even lower numbers in executive and C-level roles. The pandemic is adding to the problem, as one in four women (and one in three mothers) are having to consider downsizing their careers or leaving the workforce altogether.

Yet, when women are given equitable opportunities for investment, we rise to the occasion: Businesses founded by women deliver two times higher revenue per dollar invested.

Key takeaways about how we can thrive together:

  1. Own your success. Don’t feel awkward or give the credit to others. Be comfortable speaking to your achievements. Repeat after me: “I am remarkable.” Now say it again.
  2. Ignore your inner critic. Turn down the volume on the nagging voice inside your head (“I’m not good enough, I’m letting people down”). Flip the script, push through and be an advocate for yourself.
  3. Help to lift other women. Leverage your privilege where you can. Offer support to someone who needs it. Inspire others and keep building each other up so we can get more women to places of success. Nothing feels better than helping someone get to a place you have gotten to.

The 2021 series includes a livestream curriculum, dedicated product support, work-life balance discussions and connections among women in publishing. Thanks, Google, for believing in the power of women in business and investing in our success. This is how we become the fire.

Take 30 seconds and join the 30Seconds community. Inspire and be inspired.

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This is very inspiring! 🙌
Elisa Schmitz
Thank you so much. I am excited to be part of this program to not only to help grow my own business, but also to inspire and be an ally to other women who want to build their own businesses. Grateful to Google for their support and ally-ship!
Donna John
They definitely know how to pick 'em if they selected you to participate, Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds . The tips are spot on, especially lifting other women up. Feeling very inspired right now!
One more reason to love Google. Way to support women in business.

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