Sprouting Seeds at Home: 10 Creative Ways to Sprout Seeds for Your Spring & Summer Gardens by Donna John

2 years ago
Sprouting Seeds at Home: 10 Creative Ways to Sprout Seeds for Your Spring & Summer Gardens

It's time to start sprouting those vegetable, flower and herb seeds. If you don't want to spend the money for a seed starting kit or are confused about the best way to sprout seeds, here are 10 creative ways to do it – and some won't cost a dime.

1. Plastic Cups: When you plant seeds in plastic cups, you can see how the root system is developing. To remove the seedling, simply cut the side of the cup and gently remove.

2. Cardboard Boxes: We all get those cardboard boxes from Amazon, so instead of tossing them, fill them with dirt and sprout some seeds or use to hold the plastic cups.

3. Nursery Trays: When you purchase plants at the nursery, save the trays. They were made for holding plants, so your seeds will be right at home.

4. Egg Cartons and Egg Shells: Egg shells are the perfect seed starter because you can plant the entire thing in the ground, and it will break down and act as a fertilizer. And what better to hold the egg shells than the egg carton?

5. Paper Bowls: Those disposable paper bowls can hold quite a few seeds and can be cut to gently remove the seeds.

6. Plastic Soda Bottles: Here's a fun way to recycle those plastic soda bottles! Cut out an opening, fill with dirt and plant those seeds.

7. Plastic Produce Containers: After you've eaten those blueberries or strawberries, fill the plastic container with dirt and it becomes a cute seed starter container.

8. Plastic Milk Containers: Cut the side out of plastic milk jugs and use for seeds and plants.

9. Biodegradable Seed Starter Pots: Inexpensive, these pots are easy to use because you can plant the entire thing in the ground without having to remove the seedling.

10. Toilet Paper Tubes: Empty toilet paper rolls can easily be transformed into DIY biodegradable seed starter pots.

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What a helpful guide, thanks!
I want to do this with the kids. 🪴
Elisa Schmitz, 30Seconds
I love the idea for upcycled and recycled containers, Donna John ! Brilliant suggestions, thanks.

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