20 Creative DIY Planter Ideas: Recycle Items From the House Into Containers for Your Plants by Donna John

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a year ago

20 Creative DIY Planter Ideas: Recycle Items From the House Into Containers for Your Plants

Buh-bye, clay and plastic pots. These 20 unique DIY planter ideas will make you rethink how you display your plants, cactus and succulents when spring and summer gardening begins.

1. Antique or old wooden boxes go with any décor and work for inside and outside.

2. An antique or even a modern tea kettle is a charming way to display plants and succulents.

3. Same goes with a cast iron skillet (and no need to season it!).

4. A pair of work boots or other sturdy shoe will walk right into your heart when you turn them into a matching set of planters. One for you, one for me.

5. Turn an old wine or whiskey barrel on its side, remove a few boards and you've got a conversation piece for the yard.

6. A tire mounted or hung upright is a snug home for annuals or perennials. (No need to check the tread.)

7.  Used that wagon your kids abandoned for a movable garden or flower display.

8. Attach wicker baskets or boxes to an old bike and you've got a sweet accent for your yard. (This one was spray painted silver.)

9. Stop asking your husband to throw away that old gutter in the garage and upcycle it into a planter.

10. Tie jute or twine to the handles of an old cooking pot or bucket and it's an instant hanging plant basket.

11. Watering cans just scream garden and make fun displays for inside or outside plants.

12. Is your bird bath always dry or in need of cleaning? Fill it with soil and turn it into a planter. Problem solved!

13. Rubber boots filled with cactus or trailing plants look homey sitting on the front porch.

14. Copper pots are so in and look trendy on the patio or inside your home.

15. Who doesn't have baskets packed away in a closet? Line them with plastic, add soil and put 'em on display.

16. Same with coffee mugs (open that cabinet and take a look!). They make adorable planters for the kitchen.

17. Drinking glasses, vases and even candle holders make interesting planters, especially clear ones you can see the roots! Just don't knock them over.

18. Cutting down a tree or have stumps or logs laying around? Fill them with plants for a unique display.

19. Even basic planters get interesting when mounted on a wooden pallet.

20. If you have an old truck laying around (you might!), this DIY planter will make people slow down at your house to take a look.

Do you have a creative planter at home? Snap a photo and post it below!

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Donna John
I have two bird baths, and will now turn one into a planter. And who has an wooden pallet laying around?? ;-)
Elisa Schmitz
I absolutely love these ideas, Donna John . The tea kettle is adorable! Time to get more creative in my garden. :-)
Holly Budde
Cute ideas donna. I think I am going to put a copper pot planter in my home office !

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