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2 years ago

4 Fun & Friendly Monster Yarn Dolls Kids Can Make for Halloween

Kind of scary, but really kind of cute! These easy-to-make monster yarn dolls will walk (or float?) right into your kid's heart. Make a whole family and use for playtime or as Halloween decorations.

You'll need:

Here's how to make it:

  1. Cut the piece of cardboard out with scissors.
  2. Hold the end of the yarn with your finger onto the back of the cardboard and start to wrap it around. Continue to wrap until you have a good amount for the body of the monster.
  3. Carefully slide the yarn off the cardboard, keeping it lined up. With scissors, cut the yarn at the bottom so it's dangling. Lay it carefully back on your workspace.
  4. Create an antennae for the monster and insert it into the top of the soon-to-be head.
  5. Cut another piece of the pipe cleaner and wrap it around the top to create the head. Curl the antennae to create circles to hold the wiggle eyes.
  6. Trim the bottom so that all the yarn is even and monster is the size you want.
  7. Glue wiggle eyes onto the antennae and on the head to create the monster's face.

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Donna John
How cute!!! I used to make yarn dolls when I was a Girl Scout. This is such a fun craft to do with kiddos.
Great activity for fall! 👻
Elisa Schmitz
OK, this is just adorable. What a fun activity to do as a family this fall!
Such cuties! I need to do it with my kids
Donna John
You do! Please post pics of the finished masterpieces!

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