How to Repurpose Old Mattress Toppers: Here's a Fun Way to Recycle a Mattress Topper Into Something Functional for Kids & Adults by Dawn Taylor

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3 years ago

How to Repurpose Old Mattress Toppers: Here's a Fun Way to Recycle a Mattress Topper Into Something Functional for Kids & Adults

I had a mattress topper that was not needed anymore when my son came home from college. It simply didn’t fit any beds at home. I hated to get rid of it when it still had lots of life in it, so I came up with a way to recycle it:

  1. I ordered two large bean bag chair covers from Amazon – no filling, just the bags!
  2. When they arrived, I laid the mattress topper out flat on the floor and got a serrated bread knife to perform "surgery." I cut the topper carefully and methodically – a sawing motion worked best – into cubes.
  3. I stuffed the cubes into the bean bag covers chunk by chunk. It didn’t matter if they were perfect sizes because no one would see them!

The topper was big and still the covers weren’t full enough! I told my teenagers to add some old clothes and blankets to finish fluffing up the chairs.

People on Amazon who had purchased these covers seem to buy them for stuffed animal or blanket storage and organization (wish they’d been around when my kids were younger!). And this is a great way to keep things out of the way and have extra seating for kids that’s comfy.

In my case, I wanted to reuse a perfectly good mattress topper and found a way to give it new life. And my daughters love their cute new chairs!

Note: Old mattress toppers can be made into new couch or chair cushions, or pillows, I’m sure, but more precise measuring would be necessary here.

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Donna John
What a great idea!
Such a neat thing to do to upcycle and enjoy!
Dawn Taylor
I am very happy with being able to put the topper to good use! :)
Elisa Schmitz
You are so clever and creative, Dawn Taylor ! What a fun idea.
Dawn Taylor
Thank you :)
I hated to throw it away, it is a hassle to recycle. Now it is reused and broken down for it's eventual demise. It will be a long time though! The chairs are awesome.

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