​President Trump Tests Positive for COVID-19: President & First Lady at High Risk of Postviral Chronic Fatigue Syndrome by Jacob Teitelbaum

3 years ago

​President Trump Tests Positive for COVID-19: President & First Lady at High Risk of Postviral Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Our prayers go out to President Trump and his family. They are facing what so many others have had to: the coronavirus. They can do very well if they take the proper measures. Here is what they (and you) need to know:

1. Given his age and risk factors, the President’s risk of death is on the order of 2 to 4 percent, and the first lady’s at about one half of 1 percent.

2. Research suggests that simple measures can improve outcome now that they know they have the virus:

  • Vitamin C 2000 units a day; zinc 50 mg a day and vitamin K 100 µg daily. These have all been associated with improved outcomes.

3. In general for most people, very simple measures can be done, even in the absence of the virus, to optimize immunity:

  • Optimizing nutritional support with vitamin D 1000 units, zinc 15 mg, vitamin C 500 mg and vitamin K 100 µg daily. I personally take a combination of a multivitamin called the Energy Revitalization System plus one tablet of ViraPro daily.
  • Optimizing sleep – aim for eight hours a night.

4. Current evidence suggests that a large percent of people will have symptoms that persist for many months, and even years. This will likely occur in 15 percent to 35 percent of COVID-19 cases. The President and First Lady are much higher risk. My experience in treating thousands of cases of postviral fatigue show that:

  • The risk is increased if the virus occurs during periods of high stress.
  • Instead of resting the person tries to push through their work during the virus. As may likely be the case here.

The good news? My published placebo-controlled study showed that postviral fatigue/CFS/fibromyalgia are very treatable using the SHINE Protocol. With this, 91 percent of people improve with an average 90 percent increase in quality of life. 

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Elisa Schmitz
This is so helpful to know, Jacob Teitelbaum . I very much appreciate you sharing your insights on COVID and SHINE, thank you!
Ann Marie Patitucci
Thanks for this important information, Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum !
Mike Prochaska
This very important information. I am shocked he already back at the White House

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