Doing Better When It Comes to Racism: A White Woman Explains Why She Has to Actively Get More Uncomfortable by Tori Ulrich

3 years ago

I haven't had any words. I've been stunned into silence while reflecting on and facing down my own actions, or lack thereof, in fighting with, and for, the black and brown people in my life and in our country, and in what suddenly only feels like surface level of understanding of what is and has been going on. A really privileged level of understanding, not surprisingly.

I am ashamed of what now feels like blatant complacency, of my ability to pontificate about this from my privileged safe space with other white friends saying things like, "I just can't believe it" and "My heart breaks for ____." To think I know about or understand racism because I read the articles and listen to the stories and am willing to feel uncomfortable just enough to feel like I'm part of the solution. 

It's not enough. Not even close. I have to do better. A lot f*cking better.

I call on all of us that are able to turn things off for a while, or "escape into Netflix because it's just so much," to actually not turn it off, to not escape into Netflix, but instead make the deliberate choice to get more uncomfortable and lean in, even if just for a moment. To stretch yourself to a new level of really understanding. To think about those that can't turn it off or escape it, because it's their living nightmare every second of every day. I suggest starting with this video.

This video is calm, articulate, smart and the most clear and helpful thing I have watched in the last few days.

This video is longer than 30 seconds, but we think it's worth it.

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Elisa Schmitz
This is so well said, Tori Ulrich . We all need to get more uncomfortable, to lean in, to listen and to feel. And then, to act. To make change. To contribute our voices and our actions to making things better. We have to. Thank you for sharing this video. Incredibly helpful and a great starting point. We appreciate all you share with us. Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead
Thank you for saying this.

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