Make a Difference for the Planet During Coronavirus Quarantine: 8 Simple Changes to Help Make Your Living Space More Sustainable by 30Seconds Mom

Make a Difference for the Planet During Coronavirus Quarantine: 8 Simple Changes to Help Make Your Living Space More Sustainable

If you’ve been spending a lot of time at home lately because of the coronavirus pandemic, why not use that time to make a difference? You can use it to do some good for the planet by making more sustainable choices. One great move to make is to cut down on your use of plastics.

About 300 million tons of plastic is produced worldwide each year, half of which is for single-use items like food packaging, water bottles and grocery bags. If that's not enough to make you want to reduce plastics in your life, did you know that only 9 percent of the plastic the world produces has been recycled and about 13 million tons of plastic leak into our oceans every year? 

While going 100 percent plastic-free may seem like a daunting task, it can be done. Even small efforts to reduce your use of plastic can make a difference. Here are some simple things you can change in your living space to make it more environmentally friendly:

1. Wrap It Up With Wax

Now is a great time to switch from plastic wrap to beeswax wrap for your food. If you’re looking for a set to get you started, check out options such as these stylish designs from Superbee. They keep your food fresh and can be washed, making them reusable and an excellent investment.

2. Brush With Bamboo

Are you thinking about getting a new toothbrush? Try ditching the traditional plastic brush for a bamboo toothbrush. Not only are they biodegradable, but you can usually find them at great prices. Their simple design looks great in any bathroom. Buy a pack and share a few with your friends or family.

3. Suds Up Sustainably

Another way to reduce your use of plastic is to switch to bar soaps and bar shampoos. There are many companies out there that sell shampoo bars, which use various scents and types of natural material. You can also use different bar soaps to wash your hands, dishes and body. If you do like liquid soaps, invest in a suitable reusable container.

4. Ditch Disposable Razors

If you shave, consider swapping your disposable razors for reusable ones. The best material is metal for reusable razors. If you maintain them properly, they can last a long time. Many people also note that they get a closer shave with metal razors.

5. Filter-Friendly Water

If you rely on bottled water for your drinking water, now is the time to make a change. Tap water is usually safe to drink, but if you want to filter it, consider investing in a pitcher that filters water. Many companies make devices that attach to your faucet that filter the water directly. Another tip: grab a reusable water bottle and fill it up whenever you leave the house.

6. Bring Your Bags

OK, so this one doesn’t apply directly to your living space, but it’s still an essential part of going plastic-free. If you are going out right now to get your groceries, consider bringing your clean, reusable bags along with you. It’s also not a bad idea to keep a few in your car so you don’t forget them. If you do have plastic grocery bags lying around, you may be able to bring them back to be recycled.

7. Sip Simply

If you want to sip responsibly, go from plastic straws to reusable straws. Metal and silicone straws are two of the most common varieties. Some restaurants also offer paper straws that you can use while dining in. And if you don’t feel like using a straw at all, that’s also a solid choice.

8. Grab Glass Containers

When storing and preparing food, try to opt for glass containers instead of plastic containers. If you currently own a lot of plastic containers, that’s OK, but you may benefit from transitioning to glass. For eating leftovers, glass containers typically reheat better than plastic containers.

These are just a few simple changes you can make in your efforts to reduce your use of plastic. Check out other ways to be sustainable at home, like composting, gardening and reducing your energy usage.

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Elisa Schmitz
These are genius ideas! I've been wanting to try beeswax wrap. We always bring re-usable bags, use glass containers and we have eliminated plastic straws. What a great way to cut down on plastic. I love these other suggestions, too. Thanks for inspiring me to do even more!
Julie Rose
Awesome ideas, trying most of them.
We should all do these things and help make a difference.
Donna John
That's one thing I try to do each and every day - reduce my use of plastic. Great tips here! Love the glass jar idea. I am slowly moving all my stored bulk products into glass jars.

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