Growing Up to the Hum of the Sewing Machine: Making Masks to Help During the COVID-19 Pandemic Has Brought Out All the Feels by Charlotte Rudolph

Growing Up to the Hum of the Sewing Machine: Making Masks to Help During the COVID-19 Pandemic Has Brought Out All the Feels

He was always going to grow up knowing the hum of my sewing machine. Lately, I've been sewing masks for healthcare providers to help with the shortage. I have all the feels right now. ⁣

Sewing has helped me get through so much grief. After my brother-in-law, Jack, died I sewed coin purses out of his old shirts to keep a piece of him close. After I lost my daughter, I poured myself into my Etsy shop and found my way out of the darkness by the light of my sewing machine.⁣

There is not a time I haven't sat down at my sewing machine and felt instantly connected to my grandmother and Aunt Edna. I miss them every single time I flip that switch on. I use their old scissors and pin cushions and I can hear them asking, "Did you make that?" ⁣

I sit in my grandfather's chair as I sew. I barely knew my grandfather, but I know his heart would be so happy to have it full. It's the perfect chair.⁣

Past, present and future – all stitched together.

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Donna John
This is beautiful, Charlotte Rudolph . My grandma and my mom sewed. I have my grandma's sewing box (she has passed) and inside are her metal sewing scissors and tomato pin cushion. Such great memories. Thank you for stepping up and making masks. We will get through this faster because of people like you. Welcome to the 30Seconds community.
Elisa Schmitz
What a powerful reflection, Charlotte Rudolph . So many of us can relate to the wonderful memory of grandmothers and relatives sewing. What a comforting thing at a time of crisis like this. Thank you for making masks for healthcare workers, what an important thing to do to make a difference. And thank you for sharing this with your son to pass it on to the next generation. So glad to have you as part of 30Seconds, and we hope you will share more with us! Be well.
Ann Marie Patitucci
This is so moving, @cbrudolph. Thanks for making a difference during this challenging time, and for sharing this with us.

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