WelComb®: Parents, the Search Is Over for the Best Lice & Nit Removal Treatment by 30Seconds Loves This

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4 years ago

WelComb®: Parents, the Search Is Over for the Best Lice & Nit Removal Treatment

When parents discover a lice nit or get informed by the school nurse that their child has lice, embarrassment and panic can set in quickly. The panic to get rid of these unwelcome guests ASAP (aka yesterday) has prompted many parental Google searches and phone calls to friends and family that lead to treatments that just don’t work.

Petroleum jelly, olive oil, dish-washing detergent and even mayonnaise are questionable lice "treatments" that many unsuspecting parents have been lured into trying. The idea is that the thick substances smother and kill the lice and nits, but unfortunately, many parents learn the hard way that these lice treatments do not work and can cause even more problems.

"Coating my daughter's long, thick hair completely in Vaseline was almost as traumatic for us as the lice," says Donna, a mom of three from Texas. "It took days and days to get all the petroleum jelly out of her hair, and I still had to pick out all the nits."

The heat from a hair dryer, coating the hair with vinegar and even holding a child's hair underwater to drown the lice are other dubious "treatments" parents will read about (seriously!), and many moms and dads turn to lice removal shampoo, which is basically just pesticides. But the fact is, there is no pesticide or natural solution that kills nits, which are the lice eggs. None. The only way to ensure that the nits don’t hatch is to remove them from the hair – and it’s all about the comb. So, parents, stop Googling and read on to learn why 30Seconds loves the WelComb® and why it earned a 30Seconds Loves This award!

How WelComb® Works

With most lice combs on the market, the nits and lice slip right through the teeth and are not removed from the hair. The WelComb® has rigid teeth that are just the right distance apart to capture and remove nits and lice, and the beveled edge of the WelComb® can get down to the scalp to help capture and remove lice and nits.

"WelComb® is so easy to use," says mom and foster mom Tiffany Zook. "My younger daughter didn't squirm a bit as I combed through her locks as she watched a quick cartoon. This product made it painless for mother and daughter."

Photo: Zook says her older daughter even uses the WelComb® to check herself for lice. It’s that easy and effective!

The Dollar General Lice and Nit Removal Kit includes:

  • WelComb® – The rigid teeth and no-gap design of the WelComb® removes lice and nits.
  • Conditioner – Free of harsh chemicals and ineffective oils, the conditioner aids in the removal of lice and nits. It’s clear and smooth, helping you see the lice and nits while lubricating the hair for easier combing.
  • Detangler Comb – Combing with a wide-toothed comb helps evenly distribute the conditioner throughout the hair and remove any excess conditioner prior to removing the lice and nits.

So use that mayonnaise, olive oil and vinegar to make a nice dressing for your salad. When it comes to lice and nit removal, 30Seconds suggests sticking with the WelComb®. 

Learn more about the WelComb® and the wet combing method at WelComb.com. You’ll find detailed lice removal instructions, including a video in English and Spanish, to show you how the wet combing method works. You can also visit your local Dollar General to purchase a Dollar General Lice & Nit Removal Kit, which includes the WelComb®.

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Congratulations to WelComb® for earning the 30Second Mom Loves This Award! We appreciate the hard work that went into this helpful product for families. Learn more about the 30Seconds Favorites Awards program

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Elisa Schmitz
Congratulations to WelComb on this well-deserved recognition! This is a great product that truly simplifies lice treatment and makes it more safe and effective. Thank you for making a product that is a lifesaver for families. Way to go! We will be spreading the word about your well-deserved award!
Donna John
First, congratulations, WelComb , for your product being recognized with this award. I've dealt with lice, and parents need a product that will really work. Wish the Welcomb had been around when my daughter had lice. I fell for the ol' Vaseline will kill them line. It was a mess and didn't work. A WelComb should be in every parent's medicine cabinet, especially now that school has started!
Dieter Schmitz
What a great solution to an age-old problem. Congratulations on the award and keep the excellent parenting products coming!
Yep, we were told to use Dippity Do hair gel as a lice treatment, not effective. We’ll be using WelComb from now on, thanks! 👍
Thank you 30Second Mom for recognizing our product with this award! We can't wait for the day that parents across the country are tackling lice removal with no free, drama or pesticides.

If you ever have a lice infestation on your hands, we're here to help! You've got this!
This sounds like the right way to get rid of lice for sure! 👏🏻

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