The WelComb® for Treating Lice: A Pesticide-Free Way to Remove Lice & Nits by 30Seconds Health

3 years ago

The WelComb® for Treating Lice: A Pesticide-Free Way to Remove Lice & Nits

OMG! Did your kid come home from daycare or school with the lice letter? Anyone can get lice, and each year six to 12 million people in the U.S. have a lice infestation, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Children aged 3 to 11 are most commonly afflicted with lice because they have more head-to-head contact than other children. That’s right, lice spread by running from one head to the other. But luckily, they can’t survive more than 24 hours without their food supply. That’s why physically removing them from the head is so important. So don’t panic. You just need the WelComb®.

With WelComb®, there’s no fear, no drama and no pesticides when it comes to lice removal. It’s all about naturally removing lice and nits from the head – without putting harmful chemicals on your child! There is no pesticide or natural solution that can harm or kill nits, which are lice eggs. That means the only way to ensure that nits won’t hatch and continue to spread is to physically remove them. That’s why it’s all about the comb – The WelComb®!

Why Use a WelComb®?

It’s the comb, not the chemicals, that gets rid of lice and nits. When you visit the store, you’ll see lots of lice removal shampoos. But they’re not really shampoos – they’re pesticides. And while they may kill lice, they can’t kill nits, and that’s why they don’t work.

To get rid of lice and nits, you need the right comb. Most of the lice combs on the market slip right past the tiny .3mm-wide lice eggs, which are called nits. The WelComb® has rigid teeth just the right distance apart and a beveled edge that is able to get right down to the scalp to capture and remove lice and nits.

The Wet Combing Method

Wet combing is all about interrupting the life cycle of lice. Simply removing live lice is enough to kill them, and removing nits prevents them from hatching and continuing the infestation. To use the wet combing method for lice and nit removal all you need is:

  • Water: Lice freeze when wet, making it easier to capture and remove them.
  • Conditioner: It lubricates the hair and make it much easier to comb through.
  • A WelComb®: Used to physically comb out lice and nits.

While wet combing is low cost, safe and effective, it does take time and patience. But if it means ridding your child of a lice infestation, it’s worth it!

The Dollar General Lice and Nit Removal Kit includes:

  • WelComb® – The rigid teeth and no-gap design of the WelComb® removes lice and nits.
  • Conditioner – Free of harsh chemicals and ineffective oils, the conditioner aids in the removal of lice and nits. It’s clear and smooth, helping you see the lice and nits while lubricating the hair for easier combing.
  • Detangler Comb – Combing with a wide-toothed comb helps evenly distribute the conditioner throughout the hair and remove any excess conditioner prior to removing the lice and nits.

Most of us associate head lice with the school year. But kids are still interacting and playing together year-round. That means that lice are likely to find their way into your life anytime. Be prepared with the WelComb®!

Learn more about the WelComb® and the wet combing method at You’ll find detailed lice removal instructions, including a video in English and Spanish to show you how the wet combing method works. You can also visit your local Dollar General to purchase a Dollar General Lice & Nit Removal Kit, which includes the WelComb®.

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This post is sponsored by WelComb®.

Gwen Johnson
I wish I had known about this comb when my daughter had lice. I still have nightmares it. Glad there are better products on the market today for parents. I had no idea that nothing kills nits.
Hi Gwen! You're not alone - most people don't know that there's no product that can kill nits. We hope your daughter never gets lice again, but if she does we hope the WelComb can help make the process less stressful for you both!
Elisa Schmitz, 30Seconds
This is so awesome! I will never forget dealing with lice while on a family vacation. My identical twin daughters both got it, and we had to deal with it while on the road. I so wish WelComb had been available then. It was a week-long battle, and it sounds like it would have been so much easier with this amazing product. Thank you for making such a helpful product for families. I'm telling every parent I know!
Tiffany Zook
I needed this at Christmas!! I’ll be buying this on our next round....
Thanks Tiffany! Don't forget that our website has lots of resources, including videos, should your child ever have lice again.
OK this is pretty amazing! 👍👍
Who knew that lice freeze when wet?! What a messy problem. Good thing there’s an easier solution. This is so helpful, thanks!
There's so many things about lice that most people don't know since it's such a taboo subject. We hope that by bringing the conversation forward, parents will be more knowledgeable and feel empowered to eliminate lice!
Will definitely be saving this tip so I can suggest Welcomb this school year!
Julie Rose
Sounds like a must-have for families as we head into back-to-school time...
You're right, Julie! Adding the WelComb to your back to school shopping list is a great way to be prepared. Not only will you be at the ready with the tools you need should your child have lice, but you can also use the WelComb for preventative checks.

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