Personal Safety Hack: How to Help Protect Your Purse at the Grocery Store by Donna John

2 years ago
Personal Safety Hack: How to Help Protect Your Purse at the Grocery Store

Sometimes you don't submit a tip because you assume everyone already knows about it. Recently, this theory was proven wrong. On my last few trips to the grocery store, multiple people have commented on something I've been doing for years to protect my purse: clipping the child seat belt round the handle. That's it. This simple act can deter a criminal and also surprise them when they snatch and run only to discover your purse is attached to the basket. 

It’s estimated that 1,000 purses and wallets are stolen every two minutes in the United States. Every two minutes! If a simple click can help keep your purse (and everything in it) safer, do it. Because no matter how much we keep an eye on our purse, it only takes a second for a thief to grab it while you're picking the best bunch of broccoli or checking the expiration date on that almond milk. This is especially true around the holidays when stores are more crowded and criminals are out and about. 

Have a safety hack to share? Post it below! 

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Brenda Washington
Donna thanks for the great tip, simple but effective. I will be clicking.
Donna John
Glad to hear it! I hope you'll consider submitting your own tips here! Brenda Washington
Julie Rose
That’s really smart
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
You are one smart cookie, Donna John . This is a great hack, thank you. While traveling, I wear a fanny pack (not the best look, but much safer than wearing a purse). Today's fanny packs are actually much better looking than those from years ago. Mine is black leather and I love it!

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