Temporary Vs. Long-Term Relationships: Why to Appreciate What You Have Right Now by Jessica Lawrence

2 years ago
Temporary Vs. Long-Term Relationships: Why to Appreciate What You Have Right Now

Think back to when you were a child. You saved your money to buy that perfect toy or that perfect article of clothing. You deemed it worth the wait, to save your money, instead of spending frivolously on something that was just bringing temporary happiness. I think that philosophy applies to relationships now.

Sure, we date around to "find that perfect person." But what if it leads nowhere? What if that person you like isn't going to be around forever? What if you know it won't last long term, but for now, it's better than nothing? I suppose it is a rhetorical question, one that only you can answer. 

I once had someone tell me that it might be better to live in the moment, appreciate the love and attention you're getting now, even if you know the end is eminent. It was shocking to hear that, especially to me, someone who always looks at the big picture.

I'm trying to think of that philosophy daily. Life in the present. Appreciate what you have today. It might not be the end all, be all, but if it's making you happy, let it.

What do you think?

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
Such a great perspective, Jessica Lawrence . I agree with this, as I feel that love is all around us. I would love to know how Stephanie Cannoe feels about this, too. It strikes me as something she may have input into!
Stephanie Cannoe
Great questions and I do have a lot to say! ...a life-long journey, the image I get is the yin and the yang symbol and the balance that is always shifting between both extremes. I like to believe that when that energy has resolved or been met, then you find a new center. The swing is based on what you need to integrate. Love this and I completely resonate with the journey!

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