Travel Memories: Choosing Keepsakes & Souvenirs to Capture Your Traveling Adventures by Samantha Aleman

5 years ago

Travel Memories: Choosing Keepsakes & Souvenirs to Capture Your Traveling Adventures

I love to travel. If I’m not planning my next adventure, I’m daydreaming about it. I love everything about traveling: experiencing a new culture, dining on a foreign cuisine and seeing the famous landmarks that I only read about in books as a child. Reading travel books from front to back has fueled my desire to see the world.

What I don’t love, however, is trying to find a keepsake that reminds me “I’ve been there.” How can you possibly sum up an entire adventure into a small little trinket? What can I purchase to preserve those memories for years to come without cluttering my house even more than it already is with a 3-year-old?

Since I couldn’t come up with an idea myself, I was curious about what other travelers pick up on their journeys. Their responses are below. Despite the possibility of mass clutter, I kind of want to try them all!

  • “My aunt collects pewter spoons. My oldest daughter collects mini snow globes and my younger daughter collects magnets.”
  • “Christmas ornaments!”
  • “I always got shot glasses.”
  • “Magnets sometimes, but mostly postcards. I have like 300 of them.”
  • “Historically, magnets. Now hoodies or t-shirts we’ll actually wear so things aren’t just collecting dust.”
  • “Keychains! I’ve found really cool ones over the years.”
  • “We have a small stuffed animal our kids picked out. He goes in a bag for every trip we go on and he has his own journal that logs every trip.”
  • “Send a postcard back to yourself from where you go and write some of your favorite things about the day/trip/culture and then hole punch them and make them into a book.”
  • “We collect smaller pieces of art made by local artists. We have some amazing prints from Quebec, some handmade pottery from Costa Rica and a watercolor painting from when we went to South Dakota.”
  • “My daughter collects pins. My mom collects those little spoons that serve no purpose.”

What do you bring back as souvenirs or reminders of your travels?

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Elisa Schmitz
This is awesome, Samantha Aleman ! I love to travel as well, and always want to bring things back. My husband and I try to find a piece of art for our home, to remind us of the places we've been. It does get a bit cluttered, but the memories are worth it. Thank you for the inspiration!
Ann Marie Patitucci
Such great ideas here, Samantha Aleman ! Thanks for sharing with us. I have been inconsistent with my travel keepsakes; I have a combination of ornaments and art work and pottery. I do love taking the ornaments out each year and putting them on the tree.
Samantha Aleman
I was concerned about having too many decorations, especially when combined with the ornaments I’ve gotten each year from my parents - and continue to get. However, a friend had suggested I have a travel tree. One that is designated to JUST travel ornaments. I thought this was a brilliant idea.
Dieter Schmitz
Thanks Samantha Aleman for such a great tip on travel memories. Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds and I love going off the beaten path a bit to find local artisans. Such souvenirs from flea markets and tiny shops support the local economy and fill our home with memories.
I love to shop local wherever I go! I’m always on the lookout for something unique and that will help me remember the joy of my adventure!
Donna John
I try to find something for my house when I travel. I especially love anything carved from wood, art and things for my kitchen. I look for local artisans, too, Dieter Schmitz . Also love buying a cookbook with the local cuisine.
Samantha Aleman
Yes! Food is very special to me so I love purchasing cookbooks with the local cuisine.
Sheri B Doyle
I love the idea of the postcard book! Since we don't buy anything when we travel we only have our pictures (with no home it is hard to have souvenirs haha). The postcard books could be great mementos to save to share with our families.

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