Rescue Animals: Find Joy & Love This Holiday Season By Getting a Cornflake for Christmas by Michelle Nelson-Schmidt

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2 years ago

Rescue Animals: Find Joy & Love This Holiday Season By Getting a Cornflake for Christmas

We swore we’d never have more than two dogs ever again. We once had four. Three huge beasties and a little mini-doxie who acted like a huge beastie. We’d had our share of hair and vet bills and the heartache that goes with losing the pups you love as fiercely as they drive you crazy. We now had two. No more.

Until I saw a photo of a scared, sad dog covered in scars and scabs online. The shelter said he’d be put down in a few days. I saw his name: CORNFLAKE.

How do you not go save a dog named Cornflake?

I brought him home two days later. He was terrified of everything. My other dogs, my husband, the air. But he trusted me. We snuggled and slept on the couch that first night. I swear he smiled before closing his eyes. It took a few weeks, but Cornflake found his spot in our family – a cornflake-sized piece we didn’t realize we’d been missing.

Waking up with Cornflake is like waking up with sunshine. He’s pure joy and happiness.

Get you a Cornflake for Christmas. 

The chaos, hair, money for food and vet bills, waking up early and getting home early to feed and walk him? It’ll be worth it. Because there’s nothing in the world like the love of a soul who feels loved and safe.

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Donna John
So, you made me cry today, Michelle Nelson-Schmidt . Beautiful post. My daughter did the same thing and rescued a pit bull about three years ago. Merry Christmas to your family (and Cornflake!). #adoptdontshop
Michelle Nelson-Schmidt
Merry Christmas to you too! It was hard to just send a few photos of Cornflake! He so happy I’ve taken hundreds! Lol!
Ann Marie Patitucci
Oh, Michelle Nelson-Schmidt , I love all your Cornflake stories. Thanks so much for writing this one for all of us at 30Seconds xoxo
Michelle Nelson-Schmidt
I’m so grateful you asked! You be been meaning to do it and your timing was perfect! ❤️
Oh my goodness I love this!
Katie Sloan
Stories like this make me wonder who rescued who? Love every bit of your story!
Elisa Schmitz
This is so beautiful, Michelle Nelson-Schmidt ! I have tears and smiles all at once. Thank you for sharing with us! ❤️

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