Side Hustlers & Entrepreneurs: Here's Why to Stop Putting So Much Pressure on Yourselves by Jessica L. Williams

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a year ago
Side Hustlers & Entrepreneurs: Here's Why to Stop Putting So Much Pressure on Yourselves

Side hustlers and entrepreneurs: Stop putting so much pressure on yourselves. Why? Because putting more pressure on yourself only makes you feel worse. Sure, while some people are motivated by the pressure and the pain, most people find it crippling. And it makes them question themselves.

Combine that with the fact that you already have a job that’s plenty stressful and you have a lot on your plate. Your side hustle is supposed to add to your life – not make it way crazier and more awful! 

Stop the madness! If you want to live the #sidehustlelife, make sure that you pat yourself on the back for attempting this in the first place. You could easily be unhappy and choose to go to happy hour every night or binge your favorite Netflix show. Instead, you are choosing to get out of your comfort zone and start up this entirely new thing. Celebrate yourself.

And on the days where you are not able to get everything done, be gentle with yourself. And remember tomorrow is another day.

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
You said it, Jessica L. Williams . Having a side hustle is often a passion project where entrepreneurs get to explore the topic of their choice and see what they can do with it. That added pressure can take away the joy of it. Thank you for sharing this. You rock, my friend!
Jessica Williams
Aww thank you!! It is definitely something I struggle with as well. :)
Sheri B Doyle
Thank you Jessica Williams I love your advice. It is much needed for everyone I know who is doing sidework!
Jessica L. Williams
Thank you so much Sheri B Doyle !! :) Are you doing sidework?

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