Encourage Creativity in Kids With GraviTrax by Ravensburger at the Chicago Toy & Game Fair (ChiTAG)! by Elisa Schmitz

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5 years ago

Parents who are looking for a toy that encourages creativity need look no further. We talked with Mark McHugh from Ravensburger at the Chicago Toy and Game Fair (ChiTAG) about GraviTrax, the interactive track system that lets kids design and build their own marble runs and experiment with gravity, magnetism, and kinetics to propel their marble to the finish. 

GraviTrax is “a marble run, construction set that’s completely modular and hits on experimental play and encouraging kids to be creative and to build their own track systems," says Mark. Phew! GraviTrax was launched in July in the U.S., and has been doing really well. “Every kid that’s played with this is super excited and starts picking up the pieces, rearranging things and trying to build their own tracks."

Today there is such an emphasis on STEM learning toys, and this toy fits right into that genre. Gravity, magnetism and kinetics are just a few of the elements kids can learn and explore with GraviTrax. With a variety of tiles, levels, tracks and elements, kids can control the speed of the marble. The open-ended building concept offers endless possibilities to design a different track every time they play. 

The GraviTrax starter set comes with “over 120 different elements to build with and then we have additional expansion sets and accessories to add on.” Get ready, Mom and Dad, because we think your kids are going to want them all! 

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GraviTrax $10 & Up
Elisa Schmitz
Get your little engineers playing with this amazing building set. What a great way to teach through play!
Julie Rose
Makes learning fun! 👍
This is a great STEM toy set that helps build imagination.

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