Traveling With Animals: Tips to Help Your Pet (and YOU!) Relax by Enjolie Levengood

5 years ago

Traveling With Animals: Tips to Help Your Pet (and YOU!) Relax

If you would ever like to see the maximum number of animals allowed on a flight, hop on a plane departing after a veterinary school’s finals. Between the pets, service animals and animals going to fur-ever homes, the plane ends up jam-packed. You might be thinking, this is terrible – the equivalent of 20 crying babies on a flight. Surprisingly, our pets are more resilient and relaxed on flights than you may first be inclined to think!

  • If you happen to be on a flight with a cabin animal, please be respectful. The cat or dog is just going to relax under the seat in front of their owner. If they do get anxious or restless, give them a break and treat them like that crying baby. They will eventually stop and your anger gets you nowhere (traveling with noise-cancelling headphones helps).
  • If you are flying for the first time with an animal, talk to your vet and airline. Travel requires paperwork, and if your fur baby is anxious or you are concerned about their behavior, your vet can offer many other options.
  • Additionally, many airlines have limits and specifications, so talk to them about traveling with your animal.

Traveling with an animal on board is simple when you’re prepared!

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Donna John
I've never flown with my dog, but she does go with us on our 5 1/2-hour trek to our deer lease. It does take some extra planning. I read in your bio that you're a vet student living in the Caribbean. My daughter is in her senior year and will be applying to vet schools soon. Assuming you go to Ross? Someone from Ross is flying in to meet with her in October. May reach out to you privately (if that's OK) to see how you like it. Welcome to the tribe!! Enjolie Levengood
Elisa Schmitz
Awesome tips, Enjolie Levengood ! I traveled on Monday with a woman who had an emotional support animal (cutest little dog I ever saw), and he did not make a sound or any disruption while waiting or while on the flight. Amazing! Welcome and can't wait to read more from you!

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