National Puppy Day: You're Never Too Old to Bring Home a Bouncing Baby Dog by Terri Kendrick

2 years ago

National Puppy Day: You're Never Too Old to Bring Home a Bouncing Baby Dog

After our 14-year-old dog passed away last October, I was hellbent on having a new dog in the house by Christmas, but I did not want a puppy. I had never had a baby, human or otherwise, and I wasn’t sure I was up to it at this age.

But as you know, a woman has a right to change her mind, especially when she spies a pen full of adorable yipping and tumbling fluff balls. When we arrived to pick up our new addition, whom we had already named “Daisy,” one of the rescue people mentioned that only one pup hadn’t been claimed, a male pup named “Archie.” Much to my shock, my husband suggested we get them both, and at Christmastime, we ended up with two tiny stockings on the mantle instead of one!

These past seven months have been chockful of new experiences, like finding popcorn kernel-sized teeth all over the house and having three pairs of glasses and my Otterbox chewed to smithereens. I’ve definitely had many moments when I’ve questioned our judgment in getting two puppies, but I’ve had so many more instances of pure bliss.

Adopting puppies is not for the faint of heart – or the pressed on time. But it’s definitely been the absolute right move for us!

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Elisa Schmitz
Aw! What a precious story! So glad you got them both (though, as a dog mom, I can understand you may be going crazy at the moment). I'm sure they will be perfect angels as they grow up. Enjoy, Terri Jones !
Terri Kendrick
You're right about the "crazy" part!
Kandice Cole
I love this! Me and my husband have been thinking about getting a puppy to add to our family (we have a 3 year old) and I think we might just do it!
Terri Kendrick
Do it! I think kids need pets to grow up with. We have neighbors with two-year-old twins and they get so excited and start yelling, "puppy, puppy" every time they see Archie and Daisy!
Donna John
My 81-year-old father-in-law who is fighting dementia got a puppy last month. I was worried about the "puppy" aspect of it, but after seeing him with Lucy recently, it has helped him so much. He was better than I've seen him in a long time. So happy. More talkative and aware. :-)
Terri Kendrick
That picture makes me so happy! My dad has dementia as well and he and my stepmom adopted two kittens two years ago. It has been a blessing for him as well.

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