Families Separated at the Border: You Can Do Something to Help Immigrant Families Being Torn Apart by Melissa Hurt

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5 years ago

Families Separated at the Border: You Can Do Something to Help Immigrant Families Being Torn Apart

Like many people I know, I am deeply affected and disgusted by the atrocities happening to immigrant families ripped apart by border patrol. I have contributed to the ACLU, I have prayed, I have talked to my neighbors about it, but I still feel helpless. But, I found two things I can do:

  • I researched who my senator is and emailed him directly to get past party politics so everyone can work to right this wrong!
  • I am hosting a donations-based 30-minute gentle yoga, meditation and prayer circle on Sunday at my community church with 100 percent of what's donated going to the national church's social justice branch that works to help those affected by such atrocities. They will work with representatives in D.C. to get legislation passed that promotes fairness and peace. I may not have a lot of money to donate, but I have skills and talents I can offer to inspire others to donate.

I ask you: What are your gifts and skills you can donate to raise awareness and money for the families in need? A poetry writing workshop? Cookie decorating class? How to shoot a basketball? Anything can help to bring people out and donate! 

Get creative and get active!

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Julie Rose
This is heartbreaking
Ann Marie Patitucci
Love this idea, Melissa Hurt ! What a devastating time in our country.

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