The Big Reunion: 4 Things to Keep in Mind at Your High School or College Reunion by Charlene Torkelson

5 years ago

The Big Reunion: 4 Things to Keep in Mind at Your High School or College Reunion

It’s the season when our past catches up with us – reunion time! Whether a college or high school reunion, we have to see those “friends” (and “enemies”) from our past. How do we prepare for an enjoyable time? Here’s some help!

  • People change. The star jock may no longer play sports. The nerd might be a social butterfly. Accept the changes. You are no longer the person you were – the road you have traveled since graduation has taken you different places, with different people and new experiences. Embrace what you have become.
  • Others remember those days differently than you do. That person you thought had it out for you might have thought of you as their best buddy. Try to discover what their impression of those years might be.
  • Be prepared to talk about successes – and failures. Both will become a part of your conversations. Enjoy discovering both in others as well. Be yourself and let those from your past show you who they have become.
  • You will probably wrack your brain to recall funny events from those years. “Remember when” will become a familiar phrase. Recalling the past can be a truly enjoyable time to reminisce.

Enjoy … and then leave peacefully.

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Donna John
"Others remember those days differently than you do." This is so true, Charlene Torkelson . I went to my 30-year high school reunion in January, and was in this situation a lot. People who gush when they see you because you were obviously really important to them and you can't remember who they are, or someone you thought you were close with gives you a nod and never takes the time to talk to you. It's funny how we all remember things so differently. Great tips here.
Shannon Richardson
Interesting perspective, Donna John. I have my 30th next month and I’ll be watching for those gushers. Lol I also find myself thinking about seeing those who caused me angst 30 YEARS ago and feeling the anxiety rising. It’s crazy!
Elisa Schmitz
YES! Once you get past the butterflies of seeing these people after so many years, it's important to try and let the past go and just enjoy the moment. People really do change, and it's great to give everyone the benefit of the doubt (even those you feel did you wrong). Thank you for writing about this and sharing your wisdom. Great truth here, Charlene Torkelson !

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