Ballroom Dancing: Here Are 6 Joys & Benefits of Dancing! by Charlene Torkelson

3 years ago
Ballroom Dancing: Here Are 6 Joys & Benefits of Dancing!

I’ve been a dancer for a long time, and I’ve been a teacher of ballroom dancing for over 40 years. When my students start their dance journey, some come kicking and screaming not understanding why someone has forced them to “try” a lesson. Soon they become avid fans of this art form and exercise option. Why? There are a number of reasons dancing has become so popular with adults as well as children:

  • Music! Anything that involves music puts us into a different frame of mind. Music takes us into a different world.
  • It is social. Dancing is something we do with others. It’s a great way to meet people.
  • It’s an excellent exercise. People of all ages find this to be a great way to put movement into their daily lives.
  • It allows us to go places we might not have felt comfortable before – clubs, weddings, parties, etc. It builds confidence.
  • Educational. Even as adults, we like to learn new things. It has been proven that dancing helps prevent dementia. It involves not only physical movement but thinking and problem solving.
  • It’s fun! And isn’t that the bottom line – fun?!

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