Aldi Food Market: I Finally Gave This Grocery Store a Try (Here's Why You Should, Too!) by Jessica Acree

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6 years ago

Aldi Food Market: I Finally Gave This Grocery Store a Try (Here's Why You Should, Too!)

Ahhhh, groceries ... a necessary evil! Shopping can be cathartic if you’re able to fly solo. Shopping can also be a total drag if you have the kids in tow and get distracted too many times with the billions of products staring you down at every turn.

Enter Aldi

The main difference other than the obvious – immediate savings that will have you picking your jaw up off the floor – it’s all about keeping it simple. I never realized how much time and money I was wasting at other unnamed grocery chains until I got over my fear of the unknown and decided to dig out a quarter for cart privileges.

As long as you don’t mind generics, this place is gold. They only stock essentials, but there is still variety. They don’t go crazy giving you 25 options of diced tomatoes just because they can! The produce is prepackaged and ready to go. The meat is cheap without sacrificing quality. Specialty quick-grab items like smoked salmon made me feel extra fancy.

The cashiers scan your items like it’s an Olympic sport, you bag it all yourself and … BOOM! … donzo! You will easily save hundreds of dollars. It’s like having a best-kept secret in your pantry and pocketbook.

Happy shopping!

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Donna John
Aldi came to my area a couple years ago. I still have not gone in, but now I definitely will. I honestly had no idea what they were even about, just knew they were small. Will check it out next week! Thanks, Jessica Acree , and welcome to the tribe!
Jessica Acree
I was so intimidated for the longest time and I admit that first trip was a little scary, but when you finish fast and see your total you immediately know you’ll be back again and again!
Elisa Schmitz
I think Aldi is gaining more awareness as people realize simpler is often easier. Thanks for the great tip, Jessica Acree ! Welcome to our 30Seconds tribe. I look forward to more tips from you! 😀
Jessica Acree
So true! It really does simplify the whole experience and keeps you focused and free from decision overload. Well played Aldi, well played.
Mike Prochaska
Shop here at least once a week. So much cheaper then Anywhere else and my monsters can’t tell the differences between These and name Brands.
Jessica Acree
Exactly! Even if I have to run to a second store for some more unique items, I’m A-OK with it because of the massive savings it brings 🙌🏼 Lol @ “my monsters”
Ann Marie Patitucci
Thanks for sharing this with us, Jessica Acree ! I've tried Lidl but haven't gotten to Aldi yet. Will definitely do so!
Jessica Acree
Ooooo I haven’t heard of Lidl, I’ll have to look into it! Good luck, I hope it’s a good experience :)
Kristan Wager
Love Aldis...the chocolate is Austrian and German and sooooo delish! Many of ours have the new up grade and are cute and have a great amount if organics too.
Jessica Acree
Oooo chocolate! Haven’t tried that! I have already cut myself off from buying the Chipotle peanuts though, oh my gawd they are too good, I have no restraint.
Heather Holter
My favorite are the salted caramels! So yummy!
Gina Pomering
💕 ALDI!! I can’t get groceries anywhere else anymore bc I can’t pay more for something like milk or eggs or produce than I do @ ALDI! Even the steak is amazing!
Headed there in a bit! Thank goodness it doesn’t take all day! Just another reason to love!
Jessica Acree
Yes! 🙌🏼 it’s such a smart grocery store model, it would be a total flop if the food wasn’t good, but nothing has disappointed me yet! Except maybe soft apples once, but it’s off season sooooo.... #nottheirfault
Susan Rodriguez
Thanks for your parental wisdom Samantha Harris! Loved reading it!
Susan Rodriguez
I usually go there for paper goods when I don’t feel like getting economy size at Costco and they’re pretty good. Produce is usually pretty good and very reasonably priced. Again, I’ll go there when I don’t need bulk from Costco.
Jessica Acree
Costco is actually another place I’ve never been... there isn’t one SUPER close to us. I hear great things though!
Heather Holter
I alive ALDI! When we got one in the town I shop I started saving $50 a week in groceries and I love the different gourmet foods they have. My only complaint is they don't have everything I need for some things I make, but I get what I can at ALDI and then go to the other store. I save a lot buying off brand snacks and save a bundle on dairy products!
Jessica Acree
I love some of the gourmet finds too! Little surprises along the way :) I agree that going to another store to supplement isn’t ideal (my daughter is obsessed with Eggo mini pancakes for one, lol) but it’s nice to keep those trips short too & the savings makes it worth it for sure! :)

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