While Parenting Is a Spiritual Battle, We Are Equipped With the Mightiest Weapon by Katie Fulton

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6 years ago

While Parenting Is a Spiritual Battle, We Are Equipped With the Mightiest Weapon

Many days I wonder if the words I speak are even making it into my children's ears. I pray for my children, and quite honestly, I pray for myself as I worry about "messing up." Some days I am far more concerned about our to-do list than speaking God's word into my children's hearts. However, the truth is there is a war for our souls, including our children's, and we have the mightiest weapon in the Scriptures.

I have heard it said that you should pray over your children. And I do. But sometimes focused prayer can be hard when I have a hundred things on my mind. God's word gives us all we need to pray for our children.

One of my favorite things to do is to open my Bible to Psalm 139 and pray this out loud. But instead of reading it verbatim, anytime it says "I" or "me" I insert my child's name. I pray this prayer of God's knowing and loving us so intimately, as a prayer for my children. It gives me focus and intentionality while praying for my kids.

Give it a try! What other scriptures do you pray over your children?

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Elisa Schmitz
What a beautiful thing to do, Katie Fulton ! You touched my heart. I pray for my kids constantly. This will be helpful, thank you!
Ann Marie Patitucci
I love this, Katie Fulton . I, too, pray for my kids all the time. And I often let my to-do list take over. :) Thanks for sharing this with us.
Kristan Wager
I love this! We try to make prayer real and active in our lives and I love the idea of using Ps. 139. Thanks!

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