Want to Fall Asleep Faster? Here's Why You Need to Get Smart With Your To-Do List! by Mei Marcie

6 years ago

Want to Fall Asleep Faster? Here's Why You Need to Get Smart With Your To-Do List!

In this age when we have technology and are expected to respond ASAP to everything, we may feel overwhelmed and have trouble winding down to sleep. Some of us come up with to-do list, and the good news is working on your to-do list just before bedtime helps you to fall asleep more easily.

Researchers at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, set out to investigate whether writing a to-do list for the next few days would help with falling asleep. Fifty-seven university students aged 18 to 30 were split into two groups; one group used five minutes before bedtime to write to-do list for next few days, while the other group listed already completed activities. 

Participants who worked on their to-do list fell asleep significantly faster than those who listed completed activities. The more specifically participants wrote their to-do list, the faster they subsequently fell asleep, whereas the opposite trend was observed when participants wrote about completed activities.

For those of us who love to journal, hold back on that before bedtime and instead work on a specific to-do list!

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Elisa Schmitz
This is fascinating! Going to try it. Thanks, Mei Marcie ! 👍

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