On Life & Death: 3 Things to Know Before You Have the Conversation About Death With Your Kids by Roma Khetarpal

6 years ago

On Life & Death: 3 Things to Know Before You Have the Conversation About Death With Your Kids

Whether death is accidental, unexpected or intentional, it commonly leaves us with some big and troubling questions. What will carry you through this beautiful life without your being consumed for too long by sadness, anxiety or fear? There are three simple things to know:

  • Life is never complete without death. Life ends in death, and death brings new life. This is the circle of life – one that has existed before we arrived and will continue after we leave. If you accept that truth, you will be free from the burden of fear.
  • Accept death. When we accept that death is a part of life, we commit to living fully. If you accept that I may die tomorrow, you will enjoy every moment with me today. This is truly how we should live our lives – by being present, attentive, compassionate, kind and enjoying the gift of life and the relationships we have.
  • Know who you are. There is no greater gift you can give yourself than to befriend your essence.

So when you miss those friends who seem to have left you, know that their essence is in your essence. They are always with you. In that awareness, we truly begin to live without fear. And yours will be a life worth living.

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Elisa Schmitz
Wonderful perspective. So important to have this talk with our kids. Thank you for sharing, Roma Khetarpal ! Tools Of Growth

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