Zipline Adventures: 3 Unexpected Benefits of Ziplining As a Family! by Mike S

6 years ago

My brother and I went on a zipline adventure and had a lot of fun together. I believe that ziplining is a great activity for parents, small children and teenagers to spend time together. Here are the top three benefits!

  • Spend time outdoors and get some fresh air.
  • Exercise in a fun and thrilling way.
  • Create precious memories by overcoming a challenge together.

Usually, there are courses designed for younger children so they can experience the adventure as well. Zipline parks and adventure parks sometimes offer special discounts for first-time visitors, so look out for such special offers.

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Donna John
Ziplining is on my bucket list, Michael S . Love the video!
Mike S
Thank you! Yes, ziplining is very exciting.
Nicole DeAvilla
What an adventure! Love the music and visuals!
Mike S
Thank you! We are happy to capture the adventure in a video. It is thrilling to overcome the challenges together.
Elisa Schmitz
Wow! That looks like a ton of fun (though also a bit nerve-wracking)! Thank you for sharing your adventure with us. Great video, Michael S !
Mike S
Thank you! I'm happy you enjoy the video. Ziplining isn't as scary as it looks. We started with the easier courses and then progressed to the more challenging ones.
Ann Marie Patitucci
Thanks for sharing, Michael! I’ve been wanting to do this with my boys!
Mike S
Thank you! Yes, ziplining is an exciting family activity.
Mike Prochaska
This is awesome!! Everyone should do that at least once!!
Mike S
Yes, my brother was so happy he tried it. This was his first time.
Brian Mackenzie
incredible :) i figured ziplining might get repetitive, but i had no idea about all those other 'sky obstacles' wow! :) great vid
Mike S
Thank you! Yes, ziplining can be a treetop adventure at different levels. It got very thrilling as we progressed to the highest level of about 40 ft.
Mei Marcie
This looks like a ton of fun!! I'm so envious as we live in Singapore and there's much fewer opportunities for outdoor adventures, our biggest "outdoor" adventure thus far with our grade 2 daughter was cycling from home to the national bird park! We had a little adventure as the proper cycling path was under repair and we had to trek a little through a "forest"!

Keep sharing these adventurous videos!
Mike S
Thank you for sharing your adventure. My brother and I love cycling too as it is a lot of fun.

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