Stonework & Creative Learning: Get Kid's Creativity Going With Stonework Play! by Mike Prochaska

a year ago
Stonework & Creative Learning: Get Kid's Creativity Going With Stonework Play!

Stonework play is a form of creative learning and open-ended play working with stones. Friday, November 3, 2017, is International Stonework Day!! Let's see pictures of everyone's children playing with stones. Stonework play was invented by early childhood education consultant Diana Suskind in Nepal in 2011. Suskind realized that her children loved using rocks for self-expression. Here are some tips for stonework play:

  • Children gather stones with friends at the beach, park, river or wherever they can find stones.
  • Kids use the stones to create a story. Each stone has its own shape, weight and markings.
  • Kids draw a picture on paper of their stone construction.
  • Next, kids can write a story about their stone creation.
  • Kids share their stories with friends.

Let's stonework! 

Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
How fun! My kids used to build stuff with stones they found at the beach. Love your ideas for hands-on play with natural materials, Mike Prochaska !
Donna John
My grandson loves playing with rocks. We have tons (literally) at the house, so he's in heaven. Mike Prochaska
Dennis Smiddle
I love stones as do my granddaughters too. You gotta love Nature and art imitates life.

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