Gun Violence & Gun Control: My Perspective Following the Las Vegas Mass Shooting by Nicole DeAvilla

5 years ago
Gun Violence & Gun Control: My Perspective Following the Las Vegas Mass Shooting

My grandfather regularly supplemented the family larder through hunting and fishing. The taste of fresh trout, served with his homemade biscuits and gravy, is a delightful memory I will always cherish. My mother learned how to shoot a gun and hunt, though she never took it up. However, she was glad to have her gun for protection when she discovered a Peeping Tom at her remote house.

There is a place for guns in our society. There is also a place for reasonable gun laws to restrict the type and quantity of guns and ammunition a person can own. Weapons suitable only for war must be left on the battlefield.

In addition to reasonable gun control, we also need mental health reform. If we adequately take care of the mentally ill, we would make additional inroads in preventing gun violence. Let’s not wait any longer. Let’s demand reasonable gun legislation and mental health reform.

What do you think?

Elisa Schmitz, 30Seconds
Wow, this is a great perspective, Nicole DeAvilla . I, too, grew up with grandparents who hunted and fished in order to feed their family. My father learned how to shoot the various guns that were present in his family home (and that I grew up respecting in my grandparents' house), but he never took it up, either. I respect the right to bear arms. But I am so concerned about what is going on with guns in our country and the effect they have on society. Something definitely has to change. Thank you for opening this discussion. It's a very important one to have, now more than ever!
Nicole DeAvilla
Thanks Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds for having this platform where we can voice our opinions on emotional issues in a rational and productive way.

Sounds like we had similar backgrounds on this issue.
Stephanie Cannoe
I couldn't agree more. And an individual struggling with a mental health diagnosis , although the majority are not criminals, is another important aspect to being healthy, balanced and whole. I can relate, I too have felt safer owning a gun and knowing how to use it to protect myself and my family.
Nicole DeAvilla
Gun safety is a complicated issue. Thanks for pointing out the mental health aspect. I totally agree that the vast majority of people with a mental health diagnosis are not criminals. Most are fine contributing citizens to our society and are part of our family, friends and neighbors whom we love.
Stephanie Cannoe
Yes. It is mental health stigma. Individuals with a mental health diagnosis are not violent, that is rare. Substance abuse is another complicated issue as well. I appreciate the dialog, these are two very important topics.
Nicole DeAvilla
Yes drug abuse and it's root causes are also a part of this conversation. We need more thinking around root causes rather than bandaid approaches. Rehabilitation is essential to offer but again, looking at the root causes of how addiction starts in the first place - which has multiple answers - is needed.

Thanks for being part of this conversation Stephanie Cannoe
Stephanie Cannoe
Thank you! And I couldn't agree more.

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