School Teachers, Staff & Helpers: I See You & Will Always See You by Erin Musto

School Teachers, Staff & Helpers: I See You & Will Always See You

School has started all around the country. We are all back to the routine, the activities, the homework and sports. Back to school... At the heart of back to school is a necessary scaffolding built around your children’s school. I want to tell those in the business of keeping that scaffolding intact – I see you.

  • To the teachers who use their lunch to get their students settled in the cafeteria – I see you.
  • To the bus drivers who safely transported those kiddos to school – I see you.
  • To the ones who hug and love up on the biters and the hitters – I see you.
  • To the administrators who barely get a bite and stay after for open houses – I see you.
  • To the teachers who go above and beyond so our kids can have great experiences and involve us – I see you.
  • To the secretaries who keep the school running – I see you.
  • To the custodians and food service helpers who keep the chaos in check and clean – I see you.

I see you. I always have, I always will. Thank you for taking care of my precious cargo, my peeps. Now, rest up so you can do it all again tomorrow.

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Donna John
What a wonderful tribute to these remarkable people, Erin Musto . Here's to a great school year.
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
I absolutely love this, Erin Musto ! ❤️👍
Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead
Yes, yes, yes! Thank you for this, Erin Musto ! It takes so many people to run a school, and so many SPECIAL people to make a school a home away from home for our kids.

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