An Organized Home: How to Declutter Your Space & Have Less Stress! by Dr. Jamie Krenn

3 years ago
An Organized Home: How to Declutter Your Space & Have Less Stress!

Decluttering your home is time consuming, but there is a solution! Companies do exist today to help. For instance, NYC Organizer Faith Robertson provides a clear perspective on the decluttering process, boasting "services designed to alleviate clutter, inspire confidence and restore the integrity and balance of your space."

While Organize with Faith and similar company's charge a service fee, they help you focus on making the right decisions to dump, keep or donate. If cost is a concern, it is a push at year's end if you donate items to charities. Some charities, like the Big Brothers Big Sisters, pick up donations at your home. You can write the donation off and be proud of your good decision-making skills all while looking at your tidy home. Give it a try!

Chloe Taylor
Great tips! :)
I live in a small apartment so I can tell how sometimes is hard to stay organized.
One thing that helps me stay organized, in home and at work is, Dymo label:
A friend recommended it to me, and it really is handy to solve those problems with cables and wires in home :)

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