A Note to My Teenage Daughters: You Are Too Old for Me to Babysit! by Holly Budde

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6 years ago

A Note to My Teenage Daughters: You Are Too Old for Me to Babysit!

Dear Daughters,

School has started and we need to get something straight. I am your mom! Not your gopher. I take great pride in the fact that each of you became very independent early on, and have always have been. So? You can’t fool me! I know you can remember your lunch money, assignments, game times and anything else that comes your way. We made a  command center with a wall calendar to help us all keep schedules/assignments straight. Plus, you have a device for communicating last-minute changes. But here's the deal…

You have to put forth some effort, too. I know your friends are important and "I forgot" is your favorite excuse, but I also know you think I will come running at any hour of the day or night to save you. And yes, darlings, that is true for your safety. It's not the case for forgotten books, homework, lunches or because you "forgot" to tell me you had to be somewhere. So, here it is: Do your part or do without. It’s not my job to save you from taking a zero or running an extra lap. It is my job to make responsible adults of you, so we should start practicing. Go get' em!!


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Donna John
Holly Budde , you are a badass! Wish I had done this with my teenagers! One day they WILL thank you.
Holly Budde
ha! they're killing me!! I posted it on the fridge just in case they "forget"💪❤️
Elisa Schmitz
I absolutely love this, Holly Budde ! Spot on, as always!

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