Simple Summer Fun: Let Your Kids "Paint" the Fence With Water! by Donna John

6 years ago

Simple Summer Fun: Let Your Kids "Paint" the Fence With Water!

Looking for an simple outdoor activity to keep your kids entertained and cool? Have them "paint" the fence. Yep, you read right. But this way to paint the fence doesn't require anything but a paint brush, a bucket, water and an enthusiastic child. Here's how!

  • Fill up a bucket with plain ol' water.
  • Give your child a paint brush.
  • Show him or her how to dip the paint brush into the water and then "paint" your wooden fence or deck.

That's it! So while that fence or deck doesn't actually get a coat of paint, it will get some TLC – which could lead to some TLC and "me time" for you! Why not throw some science into it, too, and explain how the water evaporates and turns the wood back to it's lighter color. (Get more information about teaching evaporation to kids via

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Mike Prochaska
We did this all summer long. My kids loves it
Donna John
It really is the simple things, isn't it? I used to love doing this as a kid.
Mike Prochaska
yes sometimes the simple thing is there favorite. like right now mine can spend hours with the window markers on the back door

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