How to Bridge the Gap Between the End of One School Year & the Next! by Pepi Silverman

6 years ago

How to Bridge the Gap Between the End of One School Year & the Next!

As the start of the new school approaches, many parents experience the anxiety of starting off the year with new people. The looming question every fall is, “Why do I have to start over every year?” It doesn’t have to be that way; by scheduling what many schools refer to as an “articulation meeting,” parents can build consistency by requesting that last year’s educational team meet formally with the new school staff who will be working with their children. A scheduled articulation meeting ensures that the new teachers can learn from all the important people involved in their kid's education. When planning the meeting, consider the following: 

  • What might new people not readily recognize about your child? 
  • Share notable strengths beyond their academic performance. 
  • Include favorite topics, activities and motivators that encourage performance. 
  • Tell the school team about your child’s sensitivities and past struggles.
  • Incorporate past accomplishments for which your child was particularly proud.

Learning is lifelong. It will have ups and downs, but with advanced knowledge and shared understandings, children can begin with a strong start.

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