Patio Design: How to Transform Your Backyard Patio Into an Oasis! by 30Seconds Mom

5 years ago
Patio Design: How to Transform Your Backyard Patio Into an Oasis!

Elevate the design and décor of your outdoor patio with expert tips from East Coast interior designer, Lisa Melone Cloughen. Here are some ideas to get you started!


  • Outdoor spaces need greenery.
  • Consider container gardening on your patio, mixing a variety of urn and planter styles.
  • Think large-scale classically inspired urns with mid-century drip or sleek glazed pots or zinc contemporary urns.
  • Fill the small and larger urns with a variety of plants based on color, texture and dimension.
  • Consider mixing taller plants with ivy and moss spilling over the sides.
  • Bold color combinations such as orange and purple look really great, too. And for smaller, tabletop arrangements consider a mix of succulents, all of which add to the visual interest of the space.


  • In terms of furniture and upholstery, outdoor spaces do not need to match.
  • Have sofa and club chairs that are the same style. Mix different chair cushions in a color or pattern that compliments the sofa.
  • Mix a variety of furniture, including pieces you would normally use indoors, assuming it can withstand weather conditions.
  • Look for garden seats with unique shapes, size and glazes. Mixing contemporary and traditional styles gives a unique touch.
  • Group garden seats in a corner and surround them with a variety of plants, lanterns or sculptural garden elements. This will create a beautiful and relaxing focal point and a great backdrop to a seating area. 

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Photo: Melone Coughen Interiors

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