Anticipating a New School Year: 6 Ways to Help Kids Build Excitement! by Pepi Silverman

Anticipating a New School Year: 6 Ways to Help Kids Build Excitement!

Summer is such a celebrated time that many kids anticipate the return to school with disappointment at the loss of their vacation time. Parents can support their children by creating positive excitement around the beginning of a new school year by trying the following family fun activities:

  • Write a “New School Year” book with your child with wishes for the coming year. 
  • Brainstorm with your child about the new concepts they’d like to learn. 
  • Create a back-to-school countdown calendar for that "exciting" first day. 
  • Build anticipation for the first day of school by planning a fun first day photo
  • Plan a special first day of school breakfast by trying new recipes with your child. 
  • Help your child set goals for the school year ahead.

By infusing positive anticipation for the new school year, kids will look forward to their new learning adventures.

The First Day of School: 6 Fun & Creative First Day Photo Ideas!

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