Minimalist Homes: Home Redesign Hacks for People on a Budget! by Sury Jane

6 years ago

Minimalist Homes: Home Redesign Hacks for People on a Budget!

One of the practical ways to save money today is by having a house with just the right floor space for everyone living in it. It wouldn’t be practical to have a two-story, 1,600-square foot house with just one person living in it, right? This is why there has been an emergence of a minimalist house and tiny house that can give you just enough space to live, move around and store your belongings.

Living in a house with a small space can give you many benefits, according to tiny house owner Professor Brandon Irwin of the Kansas State University. (Learn more by reading Earth to Brandon.) Aside from constantly cleaning your small house, another way to make it a cozy space to live in despite its size is through redesigning hacks. Try them to make the most out of your minimalist home design without sacrificing beautiful aesthetics. Here's a couple ideas:

  • Re-purpose any room that is not in use.
  • Add a mirror to create bigger spaces.

Get more home redesigning hacks!

Ann Marie Patitucci
Great tips, Sury Jane ! Thank you and welcome to the tribe!
Elisa Schmitz
Interesting to learn more about the minimalist house trend. Thanks, Sury Jane !
Nicole DeAvilla
Welcome to the tribe Sury Jane ! Great tip. I think this is the direction that more and more people are moving towards.

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