Enjoy Family Fun Time With Your Teens This Summer (Yes, You Read Right)! by Sheryl Gould

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6 years ago

Enjoy Family Fun Time With Your Teens This Summer (Yes, You Read Right)!

I am reading your mind right now: "Family, fun time and teens? All in the same sentence? These words don’t go together in my house! It’s hard enough to get my teen to be seen in a public place with me." I know. I am with you (ouch!). Yes, it’s true, our teenagers are working toward their independence and it’s normal for them to want to spend more time with their friends and less time with us. Rather than a drum roll, we get an eye roll and a less-than-enthusiastic attitude when we mention these two words: family time. Don’t lose hope. Yes, it’s possible to have fun family time – even with teenagers. Here are a few tips to enjoy family time with your teen this summer!

  • Include your teen in the decision-making process. Ask them what they would like to do, offer choices, focus on activities they enjoy and even consider letting them invite a friend.
  • Don't try to control if they're having fun. This usually backfires. Instead, sit back and enjoy yourself. It's contagious. 

Remember, the goal of family fun time is to spend time together so you can build a better relationship – one of acceptance, where your teen feels safe to be his or her own self and have fun with you.

Elisa Schmitz
Spot on, Sheryl Gould ! I think letting go of control is a big one for parents of teens to get used to. But when they do, things really do improve. Thanks for sharing!
Sheryl Gould
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds It's never easy, but I find focusing on having fun and being in the moment works so much better!
Ann Marie Patitucci
I love this, Sheryl Gould ! I'm filing all this great info on teens away for when my son is a little older. He's 11 now so it'll be here soon! (sniff)
Paula Kolarik
I am a single parent of 2 teens - I try to include them in the decision making to do things together as a family but my 2 are polar opposites. This entire summer (their summer break started in May) we have barely done any activities with all 3 of us because I am guilty of pretty much letting them make their own decisions. I don't want to force them into doing things they feel uncomfortable doing or don't want to do instead of at least making them try new things. Any advice/tips other than stepping up my role as a parent? I know I need to do that but I guess I'm trying to avoid the upsets etc.
Sheryl Gould
Paula Kolarik first of all, you're not alone! I so relate! And, I can only imagine what it's like to be a single with two polar opposite teens! You need a pat on the back! You're wise to not force them. I've tried that approach out of desperation. It never works unfortunately. I wish it did :) ! Start small - the goal is to create a little fun and connection. I think we often think it has to be something big and then we don't do it because it feels like trying to push a bolder up hill. What works at my house is to share my heart - that I'd love to do something together and I'm not sure what that is . Have a few ideas - keep it simple if it's a challenge - you could limit the time to a couple of hours, get them to think of a few ideas and find a compromise. It's important for us to remember that's about connecting. Taking one at a time may work better. XOXO Message me if you want. We can talk further!

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