Parents: Don't Let the Word "Disability" Limit Your Child's Future! by Pepi Silverman

Parents: Don't Let the Word "Disability" Limit Your Child's Future!

A disability does not mean incapable. Understanding the terms and their impact on a child’s learning will help parents to support their children and guide their future educational planning. “Disability” is a term that defines types of impairments. An impairment is a “problem” in function or structure; resulting in a "difficulty" encountered by an individual when executing a task or action. Parents benefit from learning how to manage the challenges that may impact their children by considering the following:

  • Keep perspective, a disability is not insurmountable.
  • Become an expert on the impact of the disability on your child.
  • Advocacy is a critical action in support of your child’s learning.
  • Be empowered by your parental role.

Celebrate strength and remediate weaknesses!

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