Help "It's a Sensory World" Get a Bus for Their Special Needs Kids! by Lonnie06

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6 years ago

Help "It's a Sensory World" Get a Bus for Their Special Needs Kids!

It’s a Sensory World! needs a school bus to safely get our kids out of the classroom and into the real world – and we need your help to do it! A trip is in three WEEKS. Wearing a seat belt, playing in the park, sitting still at a restaurant and tolerating robust sensory experiences at a grocery store are all examples of struggles for children with needs. It’s a Sensory World! guides children with special needs on how to enjoy these experiences – greatly improving the quality of life for the children and their families!

Weekly outings to a variety of environments translate skills into real-world behavior. They give our families the opportunity to have special daily victories! They also help our families experience the joy of a family vacation, movie or dining in public for the first time. Due to enrollment growth and not owning a school bus, our weekly field trips are now just two outings this year. Our families voiced how critical these field trips and learning experiences are to their lives. The Parent Association for ISW Academy raised an astounding $5,000 through a garage sale that will help towards the total cost of the bus, insurance tags and maintenance for a year. But we need to raise the remaining $20,000. 

Help us bring hope and joy to the families of It's a Sensory World! Every dollar given is a step towards building the joyful memories that these families deserve. All donations are tax deductible and go to the It’s A Sensory World!, a non-profit 501c3 (Tax ID:46-5572398).

Learn more about It's a Sensory World! here and learn how you can donate via GoFundMe here.

Elisa Schmitz
This sounds like a wonderful school, Lonnie06 ! Thank you for sharing this with us. Sending lots of positive energy your way so the kids get the bus they need!
Ann Marie Patitucci
Thanks for sharing this opportunity for our community to Make a Difference, Lonnie06 ! Wishing you and the kids well!

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