A Multitude of Moms: How a Village of Mothers Saved Me & the Future of My Children by Angela Borneman

A Multitude of Moms: How a Village of Mothers Saved Me & the Future of My Children

I did not have a conventional mother. This made for colorful memories, some humorous, many tragic. She "did the best she could," but as my therapist countered: "Maybe so. But it still wasn't good enough." (Thank GOD someone said that, and said it was OK to say that.) 

But God saw fit to provide me with a multitude of mothers over the years. I have been mothered by:

  • gay men
  • women in 12-step programs
  • therapists
  • a life coach
  • my husband's mother
  • step-aunts
  • my sister who is 11 years my junior
  • my sister's mother-in-law
  • Oprah
  • Louise Hay
  • mommy communities
  • countless friends 
  • neighbors

Because of them, I am not a perfect mom to my own children, but I am a really good one. My children will never know the kind of deficit I experienced. And I am my own mother now. Where I exist now is both a soft and empowering place. And since the debt I owe to all those who have mothered me (and continue to!) into this place cannot be repaid, I pay it forward at every opportunity I am able.

Thank you to ALL OF YOU who MOTHER.


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Donna John
What a beautiful tribute to the amazing people in your life, Angela Borneman . You are blessed. Thank you for sharing this with the tribe.
Elisa Schmitz, 30Seconds
I have goosebumps. Thank you for sharing your story. You are beautiful inside and out, Angela Borneman ! ❤️
Ann Marie Patitucci
Angela Borneman , your words are so powerful. I have no doubt that your story touch many. Thank you for sharing it with us. Sending you love.
Gwen Johnson
It does take a village.

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