Can You Make Your Bedroom a Phone-Free Zone for 30 Days? I Dare Ya! by Kim Kusiciel

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6 years ago

Can You Make Your Bedroom a Phone-Free Zone for 30 Days? I Dare Ya!

Your phone might be the last thing you touch before rolling over to sleep and the first thing you grab when you are waking up. For me, this leads to some anxious tendencies. And it definitely leads to less talking with my husband before falling asleep. Often, we are both on a device and eventually one of us goes to bed while the other one is still scrolling through social media. Does this sound about right?

Here's the challenge: Make a deal to keep your phones out of your bedroom for 30 days. You don't need to "charge it" next to your bedside. Move the charger to your bathroom and keep your phone there. Instead of scrolling social media, talk to your partner. Decompress from your day. Snuggle up and make that quiet time count. You might just like the benefit of a phone-free zone!!

Elisa Schmitz
YES! We need to focus on our real-life relationships first. Thank you for this much-needed tip, Kim Kusiciel !!
Kim Kusiciel
That is the inspiration for this tip! More reality, less virtuality. Have you tried it yet Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds?
Sheryl Gould
Thank you Kim Stillman Kusiciel I read this yesterday and didn't bring my phone to bed last night! It's definitely a challenge I'm going to take on. I need the sleep so much more. :)
Kim Kusiciel
Wahooooo!! So happy to hear that Sheryl Gould!

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