Summer Crafts for Kids: How to Make Sweet Paper Ice Cream Treats by Donna John

5 months ago
Summer Crafts for Kids: How to Make Sweet Paper Ice Cream Treats

Sometimes it's just too hot to go outside for ice cream. Instead, let your kids get creative and make their own paper ice cream crafts.

Not only do these treats not melt, they'll keep kids entertained – at least for a little while.

You'll need:

Here's how to make them:

  1. Trace the shape of an ice cream treat onto the cardstock or construction paper. Cut it out using scissors.
  2. Glue the craft stick to the back of the ice cream shape. Draw the ice cream "drips" for the top or the side (as shown in the pictures). Cut them out and glue onto the ice cream shape. Alternately, your child could draw them on with markers.
  3. To make an accordion-style treat, cut the shape out a little larger and fold the sides in to meet in the middle. Put a dab of glue inside to hold the shape flat.

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Tiffany C
So cute! We def want to give this a try!
Donna John
Aren't they cute? And you could help kids make a bunch of different colors and then use them on smaller kids to teach colors. Write the name of the color on the back on the stick, so they could learn how it's spelled, too. Meredith Schneider Tiffany C Kim Kusiciel
Alice V
Love them! I can totally see my kids pretending to eat them afterwards too.

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