Let's Bring Back Good Babysitters (Like Really Good Ones): Here's How! by Erin Musto

6 years ago

Let's Bring Back Good Babysitters (Like Really Good Ones): Here's How!

I babysat regularly. I traveled with families to babysit. It forced creativity in situations – forts, foods, fun and games. Nowadays it is hard to find sitters – they are a coveted asset. We need to get kids babysitting again to instill back responsibility, time management, directly caring for others and being creative. Babysitting is good income. Imagine our kids earning sneakers, bags or special teams and travel. Show kids how to be good, good babysitters.

  • Get CPR certified and take a babysitting course.
  • Encourage them to cook and clean up, to tidy up toys.
  • Be creative while there, playing and enjoying rather than electronics.
  • Review safety plans for 911, fire and injuries.

I miss babysitting. Let’s prepare good babysitters to care for our kids and be more responsible adults.

Donna John
I started babysitting when I was 11 years old. When I encouraged my own children (at a much later age!) to babysit, none of them were interested. Love you shining a light on this issue, Erin Musto !
Ann Marie Patitucci
Yes, yes, yes. I loved babysitting too. I find that great babysitters are hard to find. I treasure the ones we have! Thanks for this, Erin Musto !
Elisa Schmitz
I started babysitting at age 11, too, Donna John ! And my daughters babysat maybe a couple years, but then stopped when they realized they could get "real" jobs. I was sad! You're so right, Erin Musto - we need to bring good babysitting back as the respectable, real job it is. It helps kids become more responsible and so much more!!
Tori Ulrich
I love this. I have thought about (and have on my long list of things to do!!) trying to come up with a mentor program with my sitters for younger ones. Especially those immersed in arts or sports (that will be busy with practice or rehearsals when they are in school) -- babysitting is such great income but you must be a GOOD babysitter to be able to make it a career or regular job as you get older. LOVE LOVE this.
Elisa Schmitz
You are so right, Tori Ulrich ! What a great idea to "make babysitting great again!" ;-) You rock, thanks for all you do for families! xoxo
Tiffany Zook
American Red Cross has an online babysitting course for around $30... includes a ton of great info, first aid, cpr, etc. Tweens and teens can print certificate when completed for student portfolios.

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