Spring Clean Your Closet: How to Organize a Master Closet That You Will Love! by Kim Kusiciel

9 months ago
Spring Clean Your Closet: How to Organize a Master Closet That You Will Love!

After a big closet clean out I learned that the perfect closet has the right combination of hanging clothes racks, cubbies, shelves, hooks and lighting. If your master closet is big enough, you might even have enough room for accessories or more!

  • Hang clothes from longest (at the left) to shortest (on the right). 
  • Decide what can be folded and put on a shelf (like sweaters and denim). 
  • Keep shoes in plastic, see-through containers. Stack them on a shelf for easy access. 
  • For tall boots, use a foam pool noodle by cutting it in half and inserting it in each boot. 
  • Place purses in protective bags and sort in cubbies. 
  • Have accessories easy to reach when styling your outfit. You could add some hooks to keep necklaces accessible.

You'll have an organized master closet you'll love!

Donna John
I LOVE the pool noodle in the boot hack, Kim Kusiciel ! What a great idea. I think that probably deserves to be its own tip. :-)
Kim Kusiciel
I can work on that Donna John! It's my favorite closet hack!

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