How to Make Egg Shakers Out of Plastic Eggs (& a Fun Song to Sing) by Kim Kusiciel

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6 years ago

How to Make Egg Shakers Out of Plastic Eggs (& a Fun Song to Sing)

Not sure what to do with all those plastic eggs? Here's a quick, easy and low-cost way to use them up that kids will enjoy. And with everyone homeschooling because of the coronavirus pandemic, you can call it art class and music class! 

You'll need:

Here’s how you make them:

  1. Take the larger half of the egg and scoop some beans into it. Your toddler can help with this step, but I recommend you do this over a bucket or table with a bowl for easy cleanup!
  2. Close the egg with the other half. Have fun with this, the halves don't have to match, which is great when you have mismatched leftover eggs.
  3. Close the egg up by wrapping the tape around the center and then up and over. You can make a design with the tape or keep it simple.

After you've made a few, make music with your egg shakers! Try this song:

Egg Shaker Song:

Shakey egg, shakey egg, shake your shakey egg
Shake it high (raise it up high)
Shake it low (shake it low)
Shake it to the side (move it to one side)
Shake it to the other side (move it to the other side)
Shake it loud (make it loud)
Shake it soft (make it quiet)

Change it up and repeat a few times for lots of toddler belly laughs!

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Shannon Watanuki
Fun for my little nieces!
Kim Kusiciel
You can fill the eggs with different types of beans or even rice to make different sounds. We like pinto beans the best!
Elisa Schmitz
What a fun Easter activity, Kim Kusiciel ! Or anytime of year, for that matter. Thank you for sharing!

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