Grief in Digital Times: Why You Should Pause Before Hitting Submit! by Kimberly Johnson

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7 years ago

Grief in Digital Times: Why You Should Pause Before Hitting Submit!

In the age of social media and technology, when we find out someone is injured, sick or passes away, we instinctively feel the need to express our sorrow or grief publicly. I'm here to ask you to take a moment or two to pause and think before doing so.

  • You won't win a prize for being the first to share the news, so be considerate. 
  • Ask yourself how it would feel to scroll through social media and find out from a third party that a close loved one was involved in a tragedy. 
  • Don't share on social media until the next of kin has done so personally or via a confirmed representative. For adults or the elderly this may be a spouse or their children; for children, be respectful and follow their parents' lead. 

Remember, while a large portion of the population is plugged in, many are not.

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Donna John
Such a great point, Kimberly Johnson . I've found out information this way a couple times. Thanks for sharing with the tribe.
Ann Marie Patitucci
This is such great advice. Sensitivity in the digital age is very important, especially when it comes to loss & grief.
Erin Musto
When my daughter died a distant cousin shared before I had gotten confirmation all who needed to know, not to mention I didn't have my word ready to write them down and process.
I hope many read this and follow those pointers
Kimberly Johnson
I'm so, so sorry you had to experience that Erin Musto . ❤️

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