Nanny or Daycare? Here Are the Pros & Cons of Both Child Care Options! by Jill Ceder, LMSW, JD

6 years ago

Nanny or Daycare? Here Are the Pros & Cons of Both Child Care Options!

If you're going back to work soon and not sure what child-care situation is right for you, here's some help. Below are the pros and cons of daycare and nannies: 

Pros of daycare include: 

  • building social skills
  • lots of toys, books and resources
  • follows state regulations for safety
  • multiple teachers with varied experience and personalities 
  • the cost

Cons of daycare include:

  • more germs and illnesses
  • strict sick policies
  • more accidents 
  • less flexibility for parent schedules

Pros of hiring a nanny include:

  • more parental control in terms of schedule and activities
  • individual attention
  • easier logistics since a nanny comes to your home
  • consistency for your child 
  • convenience for you

Cons include:

  • conflicting parenting styles
  • high costs
  • tardiness issues
  • no coverage for sick or personal time

Consider the pros and cons and do what's best for your family. Good luck!

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