Kids With Learning Disabilities: A Healthy Self-Esteem Is Something They Truly Need! by Simon Rumney

4 years ago
Kids With Learning Disabilities: A Healthy Self-Esteem Is Something They Truly Need!

The emotions that drive low self-esteem can be changed in all of us because, unlike our personality, these traits are not hardwired into our DNA. Parents, take note:

  • If your child has trouble learning, do not despair: Bestselling authors Agatha Christie, F. Scott Fitzgerald and George Bernard Shaw all had learning disabilities.
  • Encourage kids to explore their strengths and they will find ways to learn: Try not to see the inability to master the written word as a problem. Smile and simply encourage other ways of learning.
  • Healthy self-esteem gives children courage to overcome: When kids accept their learning disabilities as just another part of life’s complex journey, they will overcome anything. Look at Richard Branson, John Chambers and many more very successful sufferers.

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Donna John
What an important tip, Simon Rumney . Welcome to the tribe!

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