The Tooth Fairy Is Coming! Be Prepared With These Parenting Hacks! by Kim Kusiciel

4 years ago
The Tooth Fairy Is Coming! Be Prepared With These Parenting Hacks!

Your child’s first lost tooth is a momentous occasion to celebrate. Here are a few parenting hacks to help you get ready.

  • Decide how much each tooth is worth (e.g. $1).
  • Make the first tooth worth more than that (e.g. $5). 
  • Using glitter paint (or spray on glitter) cover the “first tooth” bill with the glitter. Keep it in a safe spot. 
  • Keep another stash of coins or bills on hand so that the tooth fairy is always prepared! 
  • Make a plan! Put the tooth under the pillow, inside a special box, or better yet, hanging in a special pouch on the door knob!

The morning after the tooth fairy comes, your child will smile the best toothless grin you’ve ever seen!

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Kim Kusiciel
Our tooth fairy keeps extra, shiny coins in our medicine cabinet so that she always has them on hand. -XOXO
Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead
Great advice, Kim Kusiciel! The Tooth Fairy really needs to step up her preparation game in my house!

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